Pick instruments composer, producer and musician, he graduated in Ancien Music and historical Plectrums from the Bari Conservatory of music. He started learning to play Oud in Damasco, where he followed theoretical Arabian music classes, Maquam and performance practice with Master Aiman Muhammad Juby. In Morocco he studied with Master Said Chraibi and he specialized in the Arabic-Andalusian style. In 2010 he graduated in oud from the Essaouira Conservatory of music. From 2011 to 2014 he taught Arabian lute at the Vicenza conservatory of music " Arrigo Pedrollo", first conservatory to teach this instrument in Italy.

Gianluca had fieldworks on "chitarra battente" (beating or strumming guitar) and "colascione" (XVI-XVII century Neapolitan long-necked lute), two instruments belonging to the Southern Italian traditional music heritage. He has compared historical methods with techniques still used today. He has been living in Paris since 2013, where he has managed and contributed to several musical projects. He is artistic director of "Parthenope", an association enhancing mandoline and its practice, together with all the Mediterranean pick instruments.

As musician he worked with: Accademia Mandolinistica Napoletana, Centro di Musica Pietà de Turchini, Roberto De Simone, Spaccanapoli, Andrea Bocelli, Damsait, Pascal Obispo, Laurence Petit, Danakil, Arpeggiata di Christina Pluhar, Toronto Consort, Vesuvius Ensemble, Mauro Squillante, Virtù Temporale, Nautis etc…